study bays me – Design even forcing students to benefit from knowledge from different fields of teaching and gives them a high level of understanding of the theoretical issues.

These strategies are needed not only in the educational environment, but in almost every situation, which may prove episode or moment which forms a part of education. Niecyfrowe and digital blocks can be combined by their individual students learning environments (ISK). ISK, created by students in the design and organize their own learning process, there are more than strategy or approach specific educational platform, as opposed to a predetermined educational paths. In this sense the environment are strongly focused on student learning and self-support. ISK are not in any way isolated; They are part of the ecosystem of digital media, tools and services. Learner does not tend to navigate within a single monolithic environment, but lead to open and the associated learning process. This approach is the transition towards such a model of education in which students during the learning process to choose the connection pool of digital and non-digital building blocks, combining them and making them unique constellations. Because of the emphasis on the active role of the pupil, using CSI it indicates that training is not limited within a specific time and space. It is however constant and ubiquitous process consisting of multiple episodes. Because ISK can activate a variety of educational activities, tools and resources, by the infiltration and training contexts become related. In this sense, some ISK questioning paradigms adopted in education and in the traditional understanding of